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Zatanna Zatara joins DC Universe Online cast

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

They've taken some time to answer fan questions and announce their upcoming weekly comic, and now the DC Universe Online team has returned to rolling out cast members for their upcoming MMO.

The latest addition to the cast is Zatanna Zatara, the Justice League of America's tuxedo-jacketed magician. Zatanna is descended from a long line of magicians, and her inherited talents make her one of the world's most powerful magic users. She's wary of abusing her nearly limitless powers, and you'll find her restricting herself to defensive and non-lethal spells.

Like any traditional MMO caster class, Zatanna is a formidable foe and a very weak one at the same time. Her incantations rely entirely on the (backward) spoken word, so she can be shut down simply by rendering her unable to speak: even a plain cloth gag does the trick. Getting close enough to get a gag on her is another matter entirely -- good luck.

Follow along in the gallery for a closer look at Zatanna.

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