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Puzzling IGF finalist 'COGS' releases in pieces for iPhone


With GDC 2010 and the Independent Games Festival just around the corner, Lazy 8 Studios has released an iPhone version of COGS, its unique 3D puzzle title that's up for an IFG award for Excellence in Design. The tile-sliding game is not only unique in that it's played on the sides of a cube, but its tiles feature working gears, pipes and other mechanical pieces which must be connected in order to complete a functioning gizmo (like the jack-in-the-box above).

Chillingo, the game's publisher on iPhone, has also taken the increasingly popular approach of releasing COGS for 99¢ and then offering additional puzzle packs that, if purchased via the App Store or in-game, bring its total price up to about five bucks. From what we've played so far, we'd say the initial investment is more than worth it -- we haven't downloaded any additional content as we're still getting through the included puzzles. (It's tough!) Find out more at the handy-dandy App Store link below.

COGS (Chillingo / Lazy 8 Studios, 99¢):

[Via GameSetWatch]

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