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The Daily Grind: Which titles should try F2P?

Let's face it. In these harder economic times, there are a lot of people cutting back on subscriptions. Folks that may have carried multiple MMOs are now choosing more carefully. Those who probably wouldn't have taken a look at a free-to-play game before are now at least reading up on them in case anything they might like shows up. Companies like Turbine, EA/Mythic and others are starting to look towards models that turn the old "14-days to try it, then either buy it or sod off" on their ears.

Our question this morning is what game (or games) do you think need a F2P overhaul? Would you use something like what Turbine has done with Dungeons & Dragons Online, offering free play and an item mall that sells adventure packs? Do you think the Warhammer Online unlimited trial/velvet-rope model is better? Grab your morning caffeine and let your thoughts flow in the comments below!

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