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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is thinking of the iPossibilities

There hasn't been a lot of love from the usual internet channels for Apple's recently-announced iPad -- but we're actually pretty intrigued by one of the device's less-advertised strengths: It'd be great for reading webcomics. They'd look magnificent on that big, glossy screen, which auto-orients itself to cater to vertical and horizontal strips. Also, if you get upset after reading a really terrible webcomic, a soothing round of Super Monkey Ball is just a few screen-touches away.

Below are our seven favorite gaming-centric webcomics from this past week. Check them all out, and vote for your favorite after the jump. If there are any notable strips we may have missed out, drop a link in the comments section!

The 214th Amendment Is About Hedgehogs (Dipswitch)
Here's Your Reality Program (Penny Arcade)
'Hoy, Small Fry (Brawl in the Family)
Go Fish (2P Start)
First Contact (PvP)
The CoffeeShock (The Legendary Boys of Floyd)
Love in the Age of Dragons (Shyeah)


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