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WRUP: Not in Azeroth edition


Is it just me or does it seem as though everyone (myself included) is playing Mass Effect right now? I suppose there are a few people who aren't, but I'm pretty sure they're off playing Star Trek Online. Well, I suppose we all have to find something to occupy our time between raid resets and daily timers. Oh, for the simple times when all we had to worry about was chasing Arthas and pals around Northrend -- juggling more games only means more problems! For this week in WRUP, commemorating the recent release of Bioware's Mass Effect 2, I've also asked the team what game they're looking forward to most in 2010 -- some of them even got the answer right. (Hint: it starts with "c" and ends with "ysm.")

  • Adam Holisky (@adamholisky): jIH DichDaq taH reHlI' Hov leng Online Hoch juS. Qapla'! [Editor's note: we were asked not to translate, so you're sadly on your own for this one.]
  • Alex Ziebart (@alexziebart): I'll probably just be running my heroics for Frost Emblems, but that's just about all I'm putting into WoW this weekend. Well, that and my Sunday raid. The rest of my gaming time will be dedicated to Mass Effect 2, which was my most anticipated game of 2010. It's pretty much amazing, and has immediately made Mass Effect 3 my most anticipated game of the next decade.
  • Allison Robert (@AllisonRobert): probably gearing my shaman a bit more, and even though I say this every week, leveling his jewelcrafting. I keep meaning to do it, but it's annoying. Also, going to experiment with my main to see just how much content I can solo.
  • C. Christian Moore (@thearenaguy): One of the last aspects I have to succeed in with WoW is mass-gold generation. I'm going to be powerleveling inscription this weekend. I've been stocking this week on inscription mats -- some scribe was going out of business or something and I purchased a lot of materials at exceptionally low prices. I've bought 50 stacks of Ink of the Sea and ~30ish stacks of Icethorn. I'm guessing that'll get me somewhere around 450. I just hit 75 on my paladin by using low-level herbs (peacebloom/silverleaf) and will be going for 400 something when I can find a high level scribe to mill my Icethorn. My goal is to make a net profit of 10,000g next week. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  • Chase Christian (@madsushi): Going to party with David, hopefully get the Blood-Queen down in the Crimson Halls. I'm also hoping my Starcraft 2 beta key becomes useful this year!
  • Christian Belt (@ihatewarlocks): Mass Effect. I missed out on it when it was new, but the good news about my procrastination? While you payed $60 for it, I snagged it used for $7.99! Suck on that, everybody! And now I will burn through it as quickly as possible so that I can hurry up and play its sequel, which I just bought... for $60. Is it too late to take back my "suck on that" comment? Oh, and most anticipated: gotta be Cataclysm.
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb): I'll probably continue to play through Mass Effect 2. I might log on WoW long enough to do my dungeon dailies and grab those frost emblems, but no promises. As for the game of 2010 I'm mostly looking forward to? I'd say it was Mass Effect 2, which is already out and every bit as beautiful as I'd hoped it'd be. As far as things yet to come in 2010, you know I'm looking forward to the Cataclysm expansion, of course.
  • Elizabeth Wachowski: Playing Mass Effect 2, particularly if we end up snowed in. I'm looking forward to Bioshock 2. After that? Any chance Fallout: New Vegas is coming out on time? Yeah, probably not.
  • Eliah Hecht (@eliah): Taking a weekend trip up to Boston to see a friend, so probably no WoW for me. Game I'm most looking forward to? Cataclysm. Duh.
  • Fox Van Allen (@foxvanallen): I've been leveling up a druid lately over on the Horde side of my server (gasp! traitor!) so I might do that for a while. Even though druids are clearly inferior to shadow priests in every way. Oh, and most looked forward to game? Final Fantasy XIII, hands down. So excited.
  • Gregg Reece: I plan on spending Saturday afternoon with my very pregnant wife watching movies and Sunday tanking Plagueworks in Icecrown.
  • Kelly Aarons (@Cadistra): I'll be recovering from surgery, and seeing if I'll still be able to play WoW. Also planning on renting Bayonetta and Darksiders. Games I'm looking forward to? Dante's Inferno and the Edgeworth Ace Attorney game. Yeah, I went there.
  • Matt Low (@matticus): Busy playing through Mass Effect 1 before hitting Mass Effect 2.
  • Michael Gray (@writegray): I'll be poking at the Crimson Hall. My most anticipated game? Surely, WoW on the iPad. No, really, that's what I'm hoping for nightly.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): Weekend is family time as usual, so there will be some flavor of Rock Band for all of us, and The Spawn and I will be tackling our first raid in Toontown (4-man Sellbot Factory). After hours, The Spousal Unit and I will be Dungeon Findering with our baby draenei pallies. (I'm the tank and he's the healer, so no wait at any hour.) I wish Diablo 3 were coming out this year, otherwise I have a highly anticipated date with the goblin starting zones in Cataclysm.
And so now, readers, it's your turn -- what are you up to in game this weekend? And, whether you want to tell us about your adventures in World of Warcraft are not, what game are you excited for in 2010?

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