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Xperia X10 officially headed to T-Mobile in Germany this April

Vlad Savov

Announced to the world in early November last year, the Xperia X10 has been Sony Ericsson's paper flagship device for a good few months now, and unfortunately the latest official word seems to confirm that the wait will be even longer. NTT DoCoMo has already stated it'll launch the handset in Japan this April, and T-Mobile has now also gone official with an April timeframe for the X10's German arrival. Guess we can consider that February 10 "expected launch" in the UK dead and buried by this point. It's all rather lackluster in our eyes -- we've seen HTC produce the devastatingly versatile HD2 and even the Nexus One in the time it's taken Sony Ericsson to iron out bugs in a UI we suspected was too ambitious from the start. Let's hope the final product is worth the wait, eh?

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