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MSI's new CX420, CR420 and CR720 laptops put Intel's new processors to good, workaday use


Smell that? That's a smell of a real man's budget computer, doing real manly things like task processing and pixel churning. MSI's new CX420, CR420 and CR720 laptops aren't much for looks, but under the hood you can find new-gen Core i Series processors across the board and ATI Radeon HD5470 graphics in the CX420 (pictured). Sure, there's only Intel integrated HD graphics in the CR420 and CR720, and the 1366 x 768 14-inch displays in the CX420 / CR420 are a bit of a letdown, but knowing MSI we're sure the prices for this trio will more than make up for any mild disappointments on the spec sheet. Hit up the PR for the full breakdown, but there's no release date to be found just yet.

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