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Samsung S5620 'Monte' possibly leaked, looks better than it sounds

Chris Ziegler

We know the FCC's already gotten a gander at this thing, but the general public... well, that's another story altogether. Daily Mobile has a bunch of shots of what it claims to be Sammy's upcoming S5620 Monte, a silly name from a company that certainly hasn't shied away from funny branding in the past (one quick look at the Corby or Rant should be able to verify that for you). Anyhow, we're told to expect a TouchWiz-powered feature phone here with a 3-inch display, HSDPA, and a 3.5mm headphone jack which you can clearly see in some of the pictures. A quick look at the FCC filing also reveals WiFi, though the lack of WCDMA testing indicates that we won't have 850 or 1900MHz 3G support -- in other words, North Americans are out of luck as usual. If we had to guess, this one might get the covers pulled off at MWC next month.

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