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Alcatel's Pre-alike OT-980 with Android seeks to undercut HTC Tattoo

Chris Ziegler

North Americans are about as familiar with Alcatel as Europeans are with baseball, but the brand -- owned by China's TCT -- actually does a decent amount of low- to mid-end handset business around the world. One thing Alcatel isn't known for, though, is venturing into the smartphone fray, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that they're taking a swing at the Android market here with the OT-980 slider. Even more surprising, perhaps, is the fact that it basically looks like a cheesy Pre with red accents, but stay with us: TCT wants to undercut HTC's ultra low-cost Tattoo when it brings the 980 to market, so you might be able to find this one for peanuts. Apart from the fact that it runs Donut, the spec sheet reads pretty nicely, too, with 192MB of RAM, Qualcomm's relatively new 600MHz MSM7227 core, WiFi, 3G, and a magnetic compass, but you'll have to wait a bit -- it's not expected to hit the market for another few months, it seems.

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