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ATI FirePro M5800 mobile graphics chipset listed, world awaits details with bated breath

Tim Stevens

ATI's FirePro series of graphics accelerators has been showing us that CAD rendering is serious business on laptops and desktops for awhile now, and now HP fans will seemingly be getting first taste of a new entry in the line, the FirePro M5800. All we know is a name at this point, and that it'll be an option in HP's (formerly NVIDIA exclusive) EliteBook 8540w, but HP Fansite goes on to speculate that it'll be based on the ATI Mobility Radeon 5800 series (the numbers certainly jive) and that it will have 1GB of memory. Think you can solve the puzzle and unearth more information? The whole sordid PDF is waiting for you at the source link below, with the wild and thrilling ATI support narrative beginning on page nine.

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