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Over 60,000 PAX East attendees expected, around 1,000 tickets remaining


Following up on the warning that PAX East will sell out, Joystiq has learned that the inaugural East Coast edition of the show will have over 60,000 attendees. Robert Khoo, President of Operations and Biz Dev for Penny Arcade Inc., tells us that they can't release final figures until the show is over, but are "looking at more attendees than the last PAX in Seattle." PAX 2009 sold out and had 60,750 participants.

PAX East organizers plan to make an announcement this week that the show has fewer than 1,000 3-day badges remaining. At this point, PAX East has no announced speakers, music guests nor sponsors. It seems like everyone is buying into an expectation that the show will deliver an experience similar to PAX West -- and you don't want to disappoint an audience this huge.

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