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Sakaguchi: The Last Story is 'my only project'


It's likely that The Last Story, Mistwalker's new Wii RPG, is the project Hironobu Sakaguchi has been hinting at for a while. In a new blog post, the Final Fantasy creator said that the new RPG is "my only project because I am concentrating on this particular one right now." And then, because that didn't meet the appropriate level of creepiness, he described the game as "raised like a only daughter, but sometimes she was forcedly pushed into the abyss of ravine ... She's sturdy, beautiful and I'd like to nurture her gently."

Anyway, the point is that Mistwalker has been at work on the game for a while, and Sakaguchi is working on it directly.

Since The Last Story is Sakaguchi's "only project" right now (except for the Lego creation above, of course), that means that either another team within Mistwalker is working on the iPhone game or it's been put aside until the The Last Story is all grown up.

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