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Somy X5: basically a Sony Ericsson Pureness for a tenth the price

Chris Ziegler

Here's the thing about Sony Ericsson's Xperia Pureness: once you get past the translucent display, there's not much to it. Seriously -- it doesn't have 3G, a camera, hunks of precious metal, or even a fancy name to flaunt like Vertu, Dior, or Versace; it's just a low-end phone from a mass-market manufacturer that can't do much other than make calls. We suppose that's why it was so easy for a Shenzhen KIRFer to pop out this near-perfect duplicate of the Pureness -- the Somy X5 -- in no time. Heck, it's even got support for two SIMs, or exactly twice as many as you'll find on the $1,000 genuine article -- which, if you're keeping track, is over twelve times the bargain-basement sticker on the Somy here at RMB 550 ($81). Anyhow, looks like it's back to that search for a faithful Aura replica, eh?

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