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The perfect clothing accessory for your iPad


The geek clothiers at SCOTTEVEST keep coming up with great ways to stay in the news, and their latest tip is, not surprisingly, iPad-related.

One of the first products from the company was the Travel Vest for Men (US$100), which has been a popular way to hide every piece of tech gear you own in plain sight since it first appeared in 2000. What's great about the Travel Vest, as well as most of the rest of the SCOTTEVEST line, is that they're perfect for traveling with a lot of tech toys. You simply load up all of the 22 pockets with equipment, spare batteries, cables, or SDHC chips, walk up to security, put the entire vest into the bin for x-raying, and you're ready to go.

Well, someone at the company was thinking, and as soon as the dimensions of the iPad were verified as being about the size of a Kindle (something else you could stash in one of the bigger pockets), SCOTTEVEST proudly announced that they're the first clothing line with a pocket for the iPad.

This attempt at free PR definitely worked for SCOTTEVEST, as a lot of the Apple media has been picking up on this story. We're all just thankful that it's not another series of bad movies with Woz.

[via The Business Insider]

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