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Blizzard announces 'premium' Auction House functionality for WoW Armory app

There's a surprisingly large sect of characters in World of Warcraft who live their entire lives without ever stepping foot outside of their race's capitol city. To some, the MMO's in-game auction house presents a more compelling gameplay option than the usual dungeon raiding and level grinding -- it allows players to become wildly wealthy with shrewd business practices. According to an announcement made by Blizzard earlier today, these players will be able to manage their auctions on-the-go using the Armory app on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Little is known about how much control the app will give players over their in-game assets, however, references to the service being "premium-based" have led to conjecture that the functionality will cost a few coins. Real-life coins, that is. You spend the real-life coins for the thing that lets you make the fake-life coins. This is going to get confusing.


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