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Eidos 'life president' Ian Livingstone to keynote NLGD's Festival of Games in June


Now that we've lost both Gygax and Arneson, we have to learn as much as we can from the still-living legends of gaming. One of these is Ian Livingstone -- he co-founded the great Games Workshop back in the day with John Peake and Steve Jackson. Currently, he's serving as the "life president" of Eidos, and lambasting the mass media for their portrayal of games (because if there's one thing a living legend should do, it's tell the kids these days that they're doing it wrong). And now De Nederlandse Gamedagen (NLGD, for short) has announced that Livingstone will be speaking at its annual Festival of Games in Holland this coming June. He'll be talking about his career and how he's integrated Eidos with Square Enix over the last year or so.

Just do us a favor if you do end up going to see the show: Start your Q&A question off with, "Mr. Livingstone, I presume?"

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