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Icecrown Citadel: Frostwing Halls available

Matt Low

The last wing in Icecrown Citadel is now open. The Icecrown Citadel raid overview here on has new information and resources that your raid needs to know about Valithria Dreamwalker and Sindragosa. We've also got boss overviews for every encounter up to this point, complete with links to other strats and loot information.

Unfortunately, we currently have no details on the Lich King encounter (warning, spoilers: although we do know how it ends). Look forward to it at some point in the future. For now, enjoy the last dragon bosses we'll ever see in Icecrown Citadel.

Patch 3.3 is the last major patch of Wrath of the Lich King. With the new Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons and 10/25-man raid arriving soon, patch 3.3 will deal the final blow to Arthas.'s Guide to Patch 3.3 will keep you updated with all the latest patch news.

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