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Limited Edition Jill Stuart PSP is sweet


Sony is releasing a new limited edition PSP bundle in Japan created in collaboration with fashion brand Jill Stuart, which we had totally heard of before and didn't have to look up just now for this post. The Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package includes the new Spring Blossom Pink PSP, a 4GB Memory Stick, and a cleaning cloth and carrying case (or "Limited Porch" as the website names it) by Jill Stuart. It will be released in Japan March 4 for ¥21,000 ($232).

Attentive readers may notice that, like the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker limited edition, this limited edition contains a PSP 3000 and not the newer PSP Go. In the same press release, Sony announced "Value Packs" for the PSP-3000, also containing 4GB Memory Sticks, cleaning cloths, and pouches, without the Jill Stuart Styling, for ¥19,800 ($219). Piano Black, Spring Blossom Pink, and Vibrant Blue systems will be available in that bundle.

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