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Officially licensed external PS3 HDDs hitting Japan for 'torne'


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has given its official endorsement to two upcoming 500 gigabyte external USB hard drives for PS3 -- in Japan. The Buffalo HD-AV500U2 (pictured) and HD-CL500U2 are the first add-on storage solutions to receive Sony's blessings, and are being released overseas in March to coincide with the launch of the PS3's "torne" DVR hardware / software combo.

Apart from the fact that they're officially licensed, neither drive boasts any special features that make them usable only with PS3; in fact, the tower design HD-CL500U2 (¥11,800 / $130) is essentially one of Buffalo's external HDDs already available in the US, with a model number change. The HD-AV500U2 is designed to fit into existing entertainment center setups and features a blue LED display on its front that shows remaining disk space. It's selling for ¥14,800 ($164).

[Via Andriasang]

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