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Scala Rider G4 Bluetooth headset enables four-way biker communication

Darren Murph

Longing to get reacquainted with your hog? Looking to not get all lonely on the open road? Cardo Systems -- which has been doing the whole intercom-laced motorcycle helmet for years now -- has just pushed out its latest concoction, and the Scala Rider G4 looks to be the most advanced version yet of the talking cranium protector. Aside from boasting an integrated Bluetooth chip for handsfree calling and voice activation, there's also a built-in FM radio and an intercom system that enables up to four riders to communicate within a full mile of one another. The company claims that the G4 is the "first Bluetooth headset to offer group intercom between up to three riders as well as communication among two riders and their two passengers on two bikes at distances up to 5,280 feet," and if A2DP audio streaming is your thing, you'll find support for that as well. Each lid will run you $279.95 and should last up to ten solid hours if yapping continuously, though we're guessing your jacksy will be needing an overnight stay before you hit that milestone.

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