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The Tattered Notebook: Tips for a WoW player in EQII


Greetings and fair travels to you, adventurers. Once again it is I, Seccia Ravenloft, here to present this week's look into the world of Norrath.

Now, from what these humans on this spiderweb site tell me, some of you are more familiar with other worlds than you are with Norrath. Blasphemy, I say! This week, I wish to mend that little problem of yours by teaching you how to adapt quickly to our world, lest you coddle yourself with the pillow armor other worlds offer you.

Luckily there are many similarities between our world and that Azeroth thing. So come, read along, follow my instructions, and soon you'll look like a hardened Norrathian adventurer in no time flat.

Food and drink keep adventurers strong

Apparently other people in other worlds don't need food and drink to stay alive! Bah! But, then again... we really don't need it either... It's just very useful in our everyday travels.

Food and drink are two 30 minute enhancements that allow you to regain your health and power (mana) much faster when you're outside of combat. Using these two things lets you recover much faster between fights, reducing downtime. Upon beginning your travels, you will have rations in your backpack that you will consume once every 30 minutes, renewing the buff automatically instead of letting it run out.

A good adventurer should always keep food and drink on their person. You can put them in two special slots on your character to avoid using your inventory, so don't say you don't want to carry them due to a lack of bag space.

Food and drink are also classified by level, so make sure to right click and examine the item to make sure it's for your level. Level 10 is for everyone, level 20 is for people level 11 and higher , level 30 is for people between 21 and higher, and so forth.

Alternate advancement points: Talent points that you earn

After level 10, expect to find a new type of experience in your travels: alternate advancement experience. AA exp goes towards creating alternate advancement points, which are very much like talent points for your abilities.

Alternate advancement experience is gained by simply visiting new areas of Norrath, or by using a special bar in your alternate advancement window to determine how much of your combat and quest experience is diverted into your alternate advancement line. By default, this number is set to 10 percent, but you can set it higher or lower if you'd like.

Following tradition

Race lines run deeper in Norrath than in other worlds. While each new adventurer you create in Norrath will start with certain abilities depending on their race, you'll have the opportunity to extend those traits every 10 levels. These upgrades are called racial traditions, and will allow you to further customize your character's play style.

Like alternate advancement, these abilities are only semi-permanent. You can change them by speaking with an achievement counsel NPC and paying a cost.

The Thread of the Week

As always in The Tattered Notebook, we end out with our community thread of the week. This week's award is going to Sigrdrifa for her detailed thread on the upcoming addition of New Halas, the city of the barbarians. Well done on compiling all of that information! We dark elves hope that you don't get this new one destroyed like you did the last one!

Do you have any burning EverQuest II questions that you'd like to have answered in The Tattered Notebook? Send an e-mail with your question over to the human, Seraphina Brennan, at seraphina AT massively DOT com. Ask anything EQII related, from leveling advice to guild leadership to raids and more!

Massively's dark elf reporter around town, Seccia Ravenloft, is a committed follower of the Overlord. When not adventuring, Seccia prefers a large ale and the company of kittens. She can be reached in Norrath via the Norrathian Express Mail (Server: Lucan D'Lere), or via her human friend, Seraphina Brennan, at seraphina AT massively DOT com.

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