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Visceral producer has been thinking about Macbeth game 'for years'


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It seems EA's Visceral Games team loved high school literature. With Dante's Inferno completed, Visceral's executive producer, Jonathan Knight, revealed his desire to do yet another video game adaptation of a literary classic. "Macbeth the game is something I've been thinking about for years," Knight told IndustryGamers. "But now, I think the emotional quality that games are achieving and the value level of the acting and the sound work makes it possible."

Knight seems to believe that a game adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth would require a bit more deft than what we've seen out of Dante's Inferno thus far. "Dante's is more of a violent interpretation of the poem for example," Knight explained. "Macbeth would be great, though; there are witches and a supernatural experience along with plenty of intrigue and murder."

Unfortunately, it seems we won't be see a Visceral interpretation of Macbeth any time soon. The team is admittedly busy on Dead Space 2, and who knows -- by the time they have some free time, fashion designer Marc Ecko's "completely re-imagined" Macbeth game may become a reality.

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