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Image credit:'s Weekly Comic: Byron, the Tauren Rogue!

Kelly Aarons

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Comic -- Byron the Tauren Rogue!

Now, we're going to be doing something a little different for the next two or so see, the staff and I managed to get our hands on none other than Byron's diary. Because we like the little guy, we're going to do the right thing and broadcast it to the world.
What, you thought we'd give it back? Where's the fun in that?

(Author's Note: In truth, I actually had surgery on my drawing hand/wrist on Friday, and am gimped and unable to draw. The regular comic will continue after I get this blasted cast off. Therefore, everything here has been drawn with my right hand [I'm left-handed.] Thanks for understanding!)

Check out the full version right here, and tune in next Tuesday morning for a new page! You can also check out all the previous pages in the gallery below.

Gallery: Byron The Tauren Rogue | 41 Photos

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