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Apple cybersquatter is ousted from Twitter, but still no sign of @apple


Despite the huge number of companies and individuals that have Twitter accounts, our favorite Cupertino-based company has been strangely silent on the "social media" scene. While some conspiracy theorists out there might take that as proof that Apple is going to create their own Twitter-like notification service or, even worse, buy Twitter outright, we'd like to believe that it's just because they don't need to blast out 140-character screeds every few minutes to get attention.

If Apple ever decides to join the crowd and tweet news blasts to several hundred million followers, they'll be able to pick up @apple as their Twitter handle. According to 9to5Mac, a cybersquatter had taken over the username, but just recently the message you see above started appearing. Not only does this indicate that the squatter has been forcibly removed from his/her former inhabitance in Twitter-ville, but attempts to sign up as Apple on Twitter are rebuffed.

Whether this indicates that Apple will soon join the ranks of Twitterites or if it's just Twitter being nice to the coolest computer maker on the 'net, it is nice to see that we won't be seeing tweets from "Fake Apple" in the near future.

[via Cult of Mac]

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