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Ask Engadget HD: Is this the best time to buy a new HDTV?


It's the week of the Super Bowl and with the sales pages full of shiny new HDTVs one of the most frequent questions has risen again - is this the right time to buy a new HDTV? We'll let Manu put this one in the atmosphere:

"With the Super Bowl coming up, it got me thinking - what's the best time to buy an HDTV with regards to price? I'm assuming right before the new ones come out, but when exactly is that? Or is that not even the right time?"

There it is, simple and plain. Is this the time to buy, do you wait a few months for 2009's HDTVs to thin out and the new 2010 models to hit, or are you bargain hunting on Black Friday? Of course, if anyone has spotted a particularly sweet deal, feel free to let us all know where in the comments.

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