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Hasselblad creates 40 megapixel H4D-40 medium format camera, wants $20k for it

Darren Murph

Tough though it may be to believe, Hasselblad's 39 megapixel H3D II actually came out in 2007. Yeah, last decade. In other words, it's about time we saw a true successor hit the market, and with PMA just about ready to get going in Anaheim, the bold and beautiful H4D-40 is making its grand entrance. Boasting a 40 megapixel sensor, this medium format behemoth -- which we spotted in a leak late last month -- also features a "True Focus" AF system and ships with an 80mm lens and a viewfinder. The kit is said to be shipping now across the globe for $19,995 (or €13,995 / £12,995 on that side of the pond), which should make choosing between a new shooter and a public college education remarkably difficult.

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