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Stargate: Resistance pre-orders open for Feb. 10 delivery


So, yeah, Stargate fans. That whole Stargate: Worlds MMO you've been waiting for since forever? Well, at least you'll get to shoot things while you wait some more. Stargate: Resistance, the third-person online shooter that FireSky and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment inexplicably dropped news on last month in lieu of anything to say about the game fans have actually been anticipating, is set to hit next week -- February 10 -- and can be pre-ordered for $19.95 from Direct2Drive.

Hey, it could be good -- or it could be a quick-and-dirty attempt to recoup the costs incurred developing an MMO that may never come out. (C'mon, we were all thinking it.)

[Via GateWorld; Thanks, Robin!]

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