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Breakfast Topic: When the model doesn't match the text

Matthew Rossi

I love gear.

Heck, I'm a warrior. I'm required to love gear. And even more than gear itself I love gear with something cool extra, something like Ash'kandi. Not only is Ash'kandi pretty freaking awesome, not only does it have one of the best models ever (even this far into WoW's life cycle few 2h weapons have even come close to rivaling Ash'kandi's model) but it has neat flavor text that helps establish the weapon's role in the game world. This is Anduin Lothar's sword. This is the sword of the Lion of freaking Azeroth! Possibly the greatest warrior ever to walk the land and here is his sword!

One of the things I love about the new ICC wing opening, in fact, is discovering that flavor text like that is back. Unfortunately, I also discover that sometimes, model and text do not match up so well. We're going to talk about Lich King loot behind the cut, so if you don't want to know don't go any further.

Take, for example, Glorenzelg, the High Blade of the Silver Hand. Does that in any way, shape or form look like the High Blade of the Silver Hand to you? It's one thing to speculate that the Black Dragonflight might have changed Lothar's sword when they got their hands on it. Ash'kandi's model is so epic you don't really care. But this sword, supposedly the epic blade of the Silver Hand, Azeroth's oldest extant order of paladins and the predecessor to the Argent Dawn and Crusade, looks nothing at all like the flavor text indicates. This isn't a 'Paragon of the Light' at all.

Similarly, I freaking love the flavor text on Mithrios. I want to tank with that weapon. However, it's the same model as the various tanking maces that drop in 10 man, and frankly, where does that paragraph of text fit on it? Where is "...cry with me in the unified voice that will resonate to the throne of the Lich King himself! FOR THE ALLIANCE AND FOR KHAZ MODAN!" exactly? Because I don't really see a place for it on that model.

Oathbinder, on the other hand, suits its model and text perfectly. This thing looks like it is described to look, and you can easily believe someone carved 'SUFFER' on it over and over again. At least I have no trouble believing that.

So now, how about you? Do you think the models work with the new flavor text? Or would you rather they'd avoided it?

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