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Kuju closes Manila branch, integrates kid-focused studio


UK-based Kuju Entertainment has confirmed to Develop the closure of its Manila studio and the integration of another studio into its Zoë Mode brand. The studio in the Philippines had developed Circus Games for the Wii, but it appears the big top wasn't expected to make big money, as the publisher concluded that "prospects for further titles of this type are limited."

Kuju's kid-friendly studio, Nik Nak, which opened in late 2007, has been "integrated" into Zoë Mode, which has offices in Brighton, London and San Francisco. The Nik Nak studio had produced Dragonology, originally intended as a Wii title, which was then "remade as a DS title." Mega break-out studios these were not.

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Source -- Kuju to close Manila studio [Develop]

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