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PopCap loses another $2.7m to MumboJumbo


Despite PopCap's claim to appeal the original ruling of the lawsuit between it and MumboJumbo, a judge has awarded another $2.7 million to MumboJumbo citing "legal fees," according to Develop. 193rd Civil District Court Judge Carl Ginsberg ruled earlier this week that PopCap would be burdened with the amount (which includes $525,000 in "post-verdict appeals"), making the total sum that MumboJumbo receives $7.3 million.

The case originally derived from an alleged breach of contract on PopCap's part regarding the right to sell its own games in North America -- in so many words, the lawsuit found that PopCap had illegally broken an agreement with MumboJumbo and sold/marketed said games in NA (those monsters!). That said, the agreement was for MumboJumbo to handle that sales/marketing, thus making PopCap in breach of contract in doing so. Sound confusing? It's business, folks. We're right there with you.

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