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Sanyo rolls out GH2, CG102, CG20 1080i camcorders in the US


Sanyo just announced a trio of 1080i camcorders for Japan last week, and its now gotten official with some ever so slightly different model for the US, which look to just be the beginning of a new wave of Sanyo camcorders rolling out in the coming weeks and months. As you can see, these ones a bit more subdued than their brightly colored Japanese counterparts, and Sanyo has naturally changed the model names to keep everyone on their toes (they're now the VPC-GH2, VPC-CG102, and VPC-CG20). You'll still get the same 1080i video and either 14- or 10-megapixel still images as before, along with a somewhat unique 12x "double-range zoom" on the GH2 and CG102, which apparently lets you switch between a wide-angle and telephoto zoom for videos. Sure, full 1080p would have been nice, but it's hard to complain too much with prices of $229 and $199.

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