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WoW Moviewatch: On the Horde


This movie was created by RavenSylphG, who you might recall was the machinima creator of the incredibly popular Ninja Raiders. Raven has put together a new video for the song On the Horde. It's pretty nice to be able to feature more of her work, since I'm really finding myself enamored of her graphic style.

On the Horde is performed by Kirstieanne, Cryssy, and Sharm. (You're probably pretty familiar with Sharm from videos like I Kissed An Orc). This is the first time I've been exposed to Kirstieanne and Cryssy. I liked both of their performances, and think they did a good job singing with Sharm. I will admit that On the Horde didn't hit me as the best song ever, but I still respect the amount of work and effort that must have gone into creating it.

Ultimately, I'm really excited about seeing all four of these folks break out more music and videos into the WoW culture. I think theyr'e doing great things, and I'm eager to see what comes next.

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