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Kindle display maker PVI promises touchscreens, color and flexibility in 2010 models


Love your Kindle? How about your Sony Reader? Good then lean in close because your electrophoretic display (EPD) maker wants to have a word. Prime View International (PVI) chairman Scott Liu says that his company (the owners of E Ink) will be introducing a wide variety of new e-reader displays this year including color, flexible, and touchscreen EPDs. PVI also says that response times have been improved enough to allow for animation support on products in 2010. Of course, flip books provide animation as well but we wouldn't want to use one for any considerable amount of time -- but let's wait and see what they have before coming to a conclusion.

Interestingly enough, PVI says that it's developing pressure touch sensors that sit behind the display rather than using conventional touch-panels that can obscure the display's brightness. Funny, that sounds a lot like the Touchco technology just purchased by Amazon two days ago. Kindle 3, we're waiting... unfortunately for Amazon, the rest of the industry isn't.

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