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Motorola Milestone looks set for February 18 launch on Telus; AT&Ters, get your unlocking pants on

Chris Ziegler

Telus hasn't yet committed to a date for the release of its mighty Milestone, but no sweat -- Best Buy's happy to commit on their behalf, pegging February 18 as the date that Canadians will have access to their most powerful subsidized Android set yet. That's really awesome, don't get us wrong -- but the other side of this win-win is that it'll be the first time that a Milestone has been available with 850 / 1900MHz 3G, meaning this thing could become a boon for anyone willing to whisk a few across the border, assuming it's not a nightmare to unlock (we doubt it will be). So yes, it's true, if you really want to wait to get your Android-powered Motorola on through AT&T proper, you can hold out for the Backflip, but considering that the Milestone's a more juicily-spec'd piece to start, you might just want to swing this way -- assuming you've got a penchant for hacking and smuggling, of course.

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