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Orange UK's HTC Hero gets a minor firmware bump

Chris Ziegler

Want Android 2.1 on your Hero? Of course you do -- but don't look for it from HTC... at least, not yet. It should be available eventually -- and in the meantime, you're obviously welcome to do some digging for a cooked ROM from the good people at xda-developers -- but for now, High Tech Computer is kicking out another Cupcake-based firmware for Hero users on Orange in the UK. Don't expect anything groundbreaking here, but CoolSmartPhone reports that there's at least a new People widget with a 3 x 3 grid, which sounds particularly handy for anyone with nine or fewer friends. If you want it, it's a quick download away -- not as cool as an OTA, of course, but still better than accidentally submerging your phone in boiling water.

[Thanks, Anders]

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