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X2 brings the Amtek iTablet back from the abyss, forgets that no one cared the first time

Nilay Patel

Apple might have surprised everyone -- including us -- by naming its tablet the "iPad," but the UK's X2 isn't letting this opportunity pass it by: it's managed to drum up some cheap attention today by announcing an "iTablet" powered by a "1.6GHz Intel processor" and running whatever flavor of Windows from XP to 7 your heart desires. Of course, what X2 isn't telling anyone is that it's actually not doing anything more than simply reselling the Amtek iTablet, a product that's been out for ages and that we've covered in the past -- you might recognize this early post by one Mr. Joshua Topolsky in which he said the resistive touchscreen looked "quite frisky." How dramatically things change. Anyway, we don't have a detailed spec list right now, but the Amtek iTablet has a 1.6GHz Pentium M, not an Atom, so this thing could potentially be a serious dog. Feel like making with the goods, X2?

Update: X2 tells Register Hardware that its iTablet will go on sale in April in both 10 and 12-inch sizes, but declined to say what kind of Intel chip is powering this thing. If we had to guess, we'd say they're using the name and pictures of the older Amtek device to cash in on iPad hype right now while they get their actual product in order -- and hey, it seems to be working. We'll let you know if we see the real deal anytime soon.

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