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Breakfast Topic: Should we have to level every character?

Brian Wood

I hate leveling. I despise it with a burning wrath. I enjoyed it well enough the first time, but I never, ever want to have to do it again. I only have one max level character because I cannot bring myself to level another through all the pain and blood and hog organs.

Without question Blizzard is continually making leveling easier, increasing XP, decreasing the amount of XP you need to level, and offering a myriad of XP-boosting heirloom items. I appreciate that Blizzard is trying to ease my pain, but why do have to level from scratch at all? Why can't I just reroll at level 55 if I already have a max level character? Or better yet, why can't I assign an alt as my "apprentice" and he gets 10% of any XP my main would have gotten. Set it up so he levels around half the rate someone actually playing at leveling, but he can eventually get up to 80 without forcing me back into a glorified Fed Ex driver again, sorting through buzzard gizzards and reading wanted posters.

Leveling is a radically different game from the endgame. I appreciate that some people enjoy and prefer that game. But many of us prefer the other game, and we don't want to play the leveling game again. We've done it. We won.

What do you think? If you already have a level 80, should you have to level your next character from scratch? Do you think that leveling really teaches you how to play a class?

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