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Love Is In the Air FAQ

Allison Robert

The 2010 Love Is In the Air holiday doesn't much resemble its 2009 version; Blizzard's eliminated much of the frustration surrounding RNG and item drops, and overall things are a lot more fun This FAQ covers all of the questions we think will be most helpful to readers concerning the holiday's mechanics. If you have any questions not answered here or in our OverAchiever guide to the holiday's achievements, please drop a comment below and I'll try to make sure it gets answered!

Help! Where do I go to get started?

Head for any of your faction's major cities in Azeroth (Stormwind, Ironforge, the Exodar, or Darnassus for Alliance, and Thunder Bluff, Orgrimmar, Undercity, or Silvermoon for Horde). New goblin NPCs (most from the Crown Chemical Company) will have popped up around the more heavily-trafficked areas (read: AH/bank) with quests and information.

What will the NPCs ask me to do?

When you first encounter them, you'll be given three quests:

  • One of three new dailies: A Cloudlet of Classy Cologne: Spray 10 people with a Crown Cologne Sprayer (provided by the NPC), A Perfect Puff of Perfume: Spray 10 people with a Crown Perfume Sprayer (provided by the NPC), or Bonbon Blitz: Toss 10 Chocolate samples to people from the Crown Chocolate Sampler (provided by the NPC). Reward: 5 Love Tokens and 13g 23s.
  • (Daily): A Gift for the (Faction Leader): Create a Lovely Charm Bracelet for your favorite faction leader. Reward: A card for the faction leader in question (there's one for all of them -- Magni Bronzebeard, Varian Wrynn, Tyrande Whisperwind, and Prophet Velen for the Alliance, and Cairne, Thrall, Sylvanas, and Lor'themar Theron for the Horde), 5 Love Tokens, and 13g 23s. You can do one for each of your faction leaders per day.
  • Uncommon Scents (Alliance) or Uncommon Scents (Horde): A Junior Detective goblin NPC sends you to Stormwind or Orgrimmar (if you're not there already) to help investigate the Crown Chemical Company. It's basically a Fed-Ex quest to get you started on the main holiday questline. We'll return to questions concerning this questline later in the article.
Who can I spray with the Crown Cologne Sprayer/Crown Perfume Sprayer? Or to whom can I give chocolates with the Crown Chocolate Sampler?

You can spray/gift any NPC or player character who hasn't been sprayed/gifted recently. You'll know if they have been if you see a big heart over their heads, and they'll have a debuff called "Sample Satisfaction" that theoretically prevents them from being sprayed/gifted again for 10 minutes. Interestingly, the debuff doesn't actually seem to last that long, which I guess is why there's a disclaimer accompanying the debuff ("Satisfaction not guaranteed to last the full duration").

Oh, and before you ask -- no, you cannot spray yourself, nor can you give yourself a chocolate!

Where do I get the Lovely Charm Bracelets for the Gift daily quests?

The goblin NPC will give you an item called the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit. This will sit in your bags, and as long as you have it, any mob you kill that gives experience (or would give you experience, if you're a level-capped 80) has a chance to create a Lovely Charm item for you instantly. You don't even have to loot it; the mob dies, and voila. 10 Lovely Charms can be combined into a Lovely Charm Bracelet.

So, assuming you're doing all the Gift daily quests (i.e. one Lovely Charm Bracelet for each of your faction leaders), you should plan on killing at least 40 non-gray mobs in order to get the mats for 4 Bracelets. In reality, you'll probably wind up killing quite a few more, because the Lovely Charms are not a 100% drop. Alternatively, you'll amass quite a few charms simply running 5-mans and raids.

A few days into the holiday, Blizzard also changed the drop mechanic; they now have a chance of dropping if you're on the aggro list of any mob, regardless of whether you did damage to it or not. As such, even healers can find themselves amassing Lovely Charms just by healing dungeons and raids.

What's the drop rate on the Lovely Charms?

While grinding various Storm Peaks and Icerown mobs to put my first Bracelet together, I saw a drop rate of about 38%. I'm not yet sure whether this is a representative sample or not, but suffice it to say I wouldn't expect to put a bunch of Bracelets together without some RNG along the way.

The good news is that, because the Charms have a chance to drop off any mob that's not gray to your character, you can do the faction leader Gift daily with minimal inconvenience assuming you do other dailies, run 5-mans, raid, or basically sneeze in the direction of a high-level mob.

What can I buy with all these Love Tokens?

For starters, just about everything you'll need for the Fool For Love meta achievement, and some things that are just for fun:Do the colognes and perfumes you can buy stack with other raid buffs?

Yup! They even stack with the "buff cards" you'll get for turning in dailies giving Lovely Charm Bracelets to faction leaders.
Which ones do I need to buy for the Fool For Love meta achievement, and how much will it cost?

Plan on buying the Bag of Heart Candies for 2 tokens, Box of Chocolates for 10 tokens, 2 purchases of the Silver Shafted Arrow (10 tokens), 2 purchases of the Love Rockets (10 tokens), 3 purchases of the Rose Petals (6 tokens), and 5 Love Fools (if you don't have a buddy to share them with -- 50 tokens). The Love Fools are not reusable, and unless you can double up with another player (multiple players can /pity the same Fool), you'll need to buy 5.

The total will run you 98 tokens. If you want your own Romantic Picnic Basket (rather than piggybacking off another player's in Dalaran for Lonely?), the total is 108. If you want the Truesilver Shafted Arrow for Perma-Peddle, the total is 148.

Is there any questline associated with the holiday?

Yup! If you start your Fool For Love odyssey in another city, a goblin NPC will send you to Stormwind (for the Alliance) or Orgrimmar (for the Horde). There, you'll find another goblin NPC offering Something Stinks (Alliance) or Something Stinks (Horde). From thereon, the questline is pretty straightforward and really fun (and perhaps there's a sly /wink from Blizzard over the forthcoming goblin race option in Cataclysm -- you get to turn into one for a small portion of the questline). The questline will conclude with two new quests -- a new daily (Crushing the Crown) and one that will send you to Shadowfang Keep (Man on the Inside).

How do I do the new SFK boss?

Rossi wrote up a guide here.

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