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Relaunched EGM subscriptions now available, magazine details remain hazy [update]


Hey, you remember EGM, right? The gaming mag that folded in January 2009 when 1UP/EGM was sold by Ziff-Davis Media to Hearst/UGO? And then the original publisher Steve Harris purchased it for a relaunch earlier this year, only to find out that the relaunch was pushed to April? We have to imagine that, by now, you're positively itching to put your money down on a subscription (if you haven't already subscribed to Kill Screen, of course). It would appear that your wish has been granted, as EGM has officially opened the door to its subscription portal, promising savings of 70 percent off the newsstand price.

For 32 issues and access to "EGMi: The Digital Magazine," US customers are looking at dropping $14.99, while 64 issues (as well as the aforementioned digital mag access) will cost $24.99 -- Canadian subscribers are looking at $34.99 and $54.99 for 32 and 64 issues, respectively, minus the digital version. Though we've yet to receive any real idea of the magazine's content, Harris has already signed on ex-EGMers Dan "Shoe" Hsu and Demian Linn, as well as the Co-Op folks, to fill those shoes (or "Hsu's," as it were). We'll certainly find out more this April when the first issue is scheduled to hit subscribers and newsstands.

Update: To be clear, the $14.99 and $24.99 subscription deals actually equal a half year or full year of physical magazines (one per month; six and 12, respectively), as detailed in the fine print. "Your subscription includes either six print issues and 26 premium digital issues of EGM[I]: The Digital Magazine for a total of 32 issues OR 12 print issues and 52 premium digital issues of EGM[I]: The Digital Magazine for a total of 64 issues." Confusing enough for you?

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