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TUAW at Big Nerd Ranch: Aaron Hillegass


More coverage of TUAW's inside look at developer boot camp. See below for notes & disclaimer.

On my last day at Big Nerd Ranch, I got a chance to sit down with with the biggest nerd at the ranch, Aaron Hillegass, and talk about nerds, NextStep, the iPad and more. Aaron has a unique vantage point on all things Apple, and it was definitely an enjoyable conversation. If you continue reading after the first video, there's a second short video of Aaron and I out at the site of the future Big Nerd Ranch.

After chatting with Aaron for a while, we drove about 20 minutes to get to the site of the "new" ranch (it's much closer to the airport than the current residence). Ground hasn't been broken yet, but the plans are laid for a new Big Nerd Ranch. Aaron expounds a little on his "monastic" approach, and had me walking up and down slippery slopes to see the land ...

A big thanks to Aaron for his time, it was definitely a pleasure and an honor to sit down with him!

In order to give our readers the first-hand account of what it's like to experience developer boot camp, Big Nerd Ranch has permitted Brett to attend complimentary classes and has provided transportation/lodging assistance. Other than those considerations, no sponsorship or advertising relationship exists between BNR and TUAW. This series is not an endorsement of BNR's programs or teaching methodology.

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