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BlackBerry Tour2-compatible visual VM on Verizon suggests release is growing near

Chris Ziegler

It feels like the Tour isn't quite aged enough to be replaced -- especially when you consider that the downright ancient Pearl 8100 series is still sold on carriers around the world -- but it seems that Verizon (and Sprint, naturally) might be champing at the bit to move on to a newer model with WiFi and a complete eradication of the pesky trackball. Verizon's posted a Java app to its site with the file name "vvmail_9650.jad," a reference to the Tour2's model number. Of course, the Tour2 itself has yet to be announced by RIM in any capacity -- let alone for a specific carrier -- so we've got some hurdles to jump before this is on shelves, but if nothing else, we can safely say it's coming to Big Red sooner or later.

[Image via BGR]

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