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Cube's 6-inch capacitive touchscreen e-reader is a Windows Mobile 6.5 fantasyland


If you're a sucker for immaculate specs at a discount price then the Cube e-book reader might be the device for you. The Chinese outfit is said to be working on a 6-inch, E Ink reader built around the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system with baked-in WiFi (sorry, no mention of 3G data) for "remote server synchronization." And as declared in the image above, the Cube e-reader features a capacitive touchscreen just "like the iPhone." Apparently, it'll do more than just display e-books though, with a touted ability to make VoIP calls, browse the web, send and receive email, and download music and photos -- all this for just 999 Chinese Yuan or about $146. Sure, go ahead and build it Cube, but until we see a product render at least forgive us for being skeptical.

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