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Resto shaman and auction house columnist chosen

Dan O'Halloran

Putting a call out for a pure resto shaman columnist brought out the best in applicants and this time we came out with a clear winner. We know him as Joe Perez, but you may know him as Lodur, the resto shaman columnist at World of Matticus. He will be joining Michael Sacco and Rich Maloy on Totem Talk in the next week or two when we get him contracted and set up.

When Euripides of OutDPS wasn't chosen as our hunter columnist, he came back with a proposal to write a weekly column about the auction house. We liked what we saw and asked him to join us. In addition to writing for one of the premiere hunter blogs, Basil Berntsen also runs a podcast on Auction House gold making and hopefully will be making appearances on our own podcast as well. He will be coordinating with Amanda Miller on Time Is Money and Michael Gray on Insider Trader to bring you even more tips on making gold in-game.

Thanks to all who applied! If you didn't make it, make sure to check out our new call-out for guest writing.

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