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Disney CEO calls iPad "a game changer"


While discussing the iPad with the Associated Press on Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger hinted at his company's plans for the iPad, and called it "a game changer."

He gave brief examples of ideas they're throwing around for the iPad, including ESPN ScoreCenter and an interactive app for the ABC drama "Lost." ESPN ScoreCenter is currently an iPhone and iPod touch app that provides real-time scores and updates from the world of sports. Iger says that the iPad gives them an opportunity to "...really make the scores come to life." I think of the demo of Major League Baseball's At Bat for the iPad and see how the ESPN app could do the same -- provide gorgeous, full-screen video and stats plus chat and trash talk with other fans during the game of your choice. Multiple camera angles, locker room interviews, fantasy leagues, and so on, could all enhance the fun of watching the big game.

Likewise, a Lost app could provide a similar experience. "When you think about ABC," Iger said, "you think about a program like Lost and not just being able to watch the program, but all the other things that viewers like to do with that program." As a leisure content device, the iPad could be a killer with the right apps in place.

Iger went on to say, "We think [the iPad] could be a game changer in terms of enabling us to create essentially new forms of content." No, it's not the same as watching your favorite show on that big, shiny HD TV, but the iPad might further synthesize the TV and computer into a single device.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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