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FCC paper trail suggests AT&T getting Pre in May?

Chris Ziegler

Palm still won't really fess up to it, but AT&T was more than happy to drop the bomb back at CES that it's picking up webOS for the first time in 2010 -- and a little creative connecting-of-the-dots gives us some idea of when we might see the gear hit the streets. The company's Pre with North American 3G -- model number P100UNA -- is already in use by Telcel in Mexico, but confidentiality in its US FCC filing doesn't expire until mid-May. Why does that matter? Historically, Palm's US releases have come very close to their FCC confidentiality lifts, meaning that we could see this thing on AT&T by the time Summer rolls around. Of course, in light of the Pre Plus, it'd be pretty sweet if AT&T just moved on to the next big thing in Palm's pipeline, but we certainly wouldn't put it past 'em to launch outdated equipment.

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