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FIFA 11 to tackle online quitters by rewarding players that finish games


It's the perfect Saturday. You're rocking your team's jersey as you settle onto the couch, a Shasta in one hand, bag of Fritos in the other, preparing to hit the pitch in FIFA 10. You head online, get yourself into a match and suddenly you're up one-nil. And then, just as suddenly, your opponent quits. You go bananas, hurling your controller into the TV. Then your wife comes in and says she's had enough and takes the kids to her mother's. A month later, you're divorced.

It's a story we hear way too often here at Joystiq. Thankfully, EA is working on a way to punish these quitters -- outside of rectifying the fact that they've wrecked your life forever -- in the next series iteration, FIFA 11. EA Canada's Simon Humber told Eurogamer these "rage quitters" are a "complex problem." See, there's a loophole in the game that allows players to quit within five minutes of starting a FIFA 10 match online, in case there's a connection issue -- but EA is looking for ways to keep players from exploiting that feature.

Humber says that EA is thinking about adding functionality to FIFA 11 that would reward players for finishing matches, rather than try to punish those that quit. As for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa, don't expect any changes: "We haven't done anything different for this game as far as I know," Humber said.

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