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Macworld 2010: Pre-show deals


If you are joining us at Macworld this week, you know that deals abound on the show floor -- every company usually has some sort of show discount or sale going on. And sometimes, even if you're not here at the show, you can still take advantage of the sales back at home. Here's a few we've seen even before the show officially starts tomorrow.

  • Tropical Software is offering $10 off its normally $39.95 purchase of notekeeping app TopXNotes.
  • Unmarked Software has a Macworld 2010 promotion going on, with a 20% discount on TextSoap 6, an application that will "scrub up your text" and clean out unwanted garbage and characters.
  • This isn't specifically Macworld-related, but SmileOnMyMac is here, and they just added their iPhone app TextExpander touch functionality to a number of other apps, so it's on sale for $1.99 right now.
Stay tuned all week long for more deals and discounts from the show floor. If you're looking for a full rundown of show events, parties and activities, be sure to check out the Hess Memorial List.

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