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Newest Rappelz expansion launches February 24th

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

gPotato's free-to-play MMO Rappelz is getting a new expansion. Resurrection launches February 24th, bringing with it an old familiar face, new pets, and more.

Players will be familiar with the character at the center of this newest storyline. The Witch is the central villain in the main storyline of Rappelz, and Resurrection explores her beginnings as a young girl with mysterious powers.

Players will journey to discover the truth behind the Witch, but they won't be doing it alone. This expansion also introduces three new pets to tame: the Unicorn, Nightmare, and Ifrit. Each pet provides specific benefits to its owner: the Unicorn offers a variety of buffs, the Nightmare is a heavily armored creature that can often absorb damage targeted at its master, and the Ifrit is a magical creature that heals its owner as well as dealing damage to enemies.

These aren't the only updates that Resurrection will bring to Rappelz. Check out the new Resurrection page at the Rappelz site for changes coming to character creation, PvP, quests, and more.

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