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PSA: Original Xbox games' DLC already offline

Plans to disconnect Xbox Live services for original Xbox games have apparently already begun, as DLC servers for Xbox titles have been quietly taken offline. According to numerous forum threads and our own tests of an assortment of Xbox titles, attempts to download original Xbox game content are now fruitless. Each title tested yielded the message: "Could not download content list. Please try again later." (The image above was taken from our test of Halo 2.)

Last Friday, Microsoft announced online support for original Xbox titles would be discontinued on April 15, but made no mention of disconnecting DLC servers earlier than that. Some forum users claim that the DLC servers for Xbox titles were taken offline as soon as the announcement was made last week. So, if you've continued to put off your infiltration of the Kola Cell in the original Splinter Cell, you'd better have already downloaded the mission.

[Thanks, Bren]

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