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Targus announces screen protector for iPad with Clear View technology


It's not surprising that many of the big names in Apple device protection accessories are getting into the iPad market, even with the release of the device still about six weeks away. Targus, a longtime provider of cases and mice for Apple's laptops, announced this morning that they'll soon be selling the Targus Screen Protector for iPad.

Targus has been selling fingerprint-resistant screen protectors for the iPhone and iPod touch devices for about a month, and will use the same trademarked Clear View technology for the iPad Screen Protector. The material used for the Screen Protector is covered with microscopic textures that dissipate fingerprint oils and reduce smudging on the screen, as well as reduce glare and provide a scratch-proof surface. The adhesive makes the film easy to apply without leaving bubbles, and reduces peeling that plagues other screen treatments.

The Targus Screen Protector for the Apple iPad will be available in April. No price has been announced for the product at this time.

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